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We are  ‘Natural Resource Company’ investing in projects within Western Canada. The projects we are currently manage include a 160 acre Eco-Industrial Park NE of Edmonton and a 320 acre Gravel Pit West of Calgary.

Our Eco Philosophy can be described as an approach where sound environmental planning is a part of the building and construction process from start to finish. Our success is built on identifying a demand in the market place and helping fulfill the demand.


There is a shortage of commercial and light industrial space in Central and Northern Alberta requiring industrial parks and commercial developments. That’s where we come in. Standing Stone Developments is currently leasing 160 acres of land located on ‘The High Load Corridor’. We are 1 kilometer from the heart of Redwater and 5 kilometers from the Upgrader Alley .Read more on our ‘Land’ Blog


With Standing Stone Gravel, we are helping to meet a demonstrated market demand for gravel. Consumers in the Rocky View and Calgary area will demand about 760 million tonnes during the next 50 years– compared to 200 million inapproved pits. The average of 11 million tonnes per year includes aggregates used in concrete and asphalt. Read more on our ‘Gravel/Lumber’ Blog


Introducing The Corvette Landing, the Newest Modular Construction project in Greater Victoria. The building utalizing  an off-site construction method and an innovative design strategy.

Advanced Modular Construction

Introducing 'The Corvette Landing', the first modular building in Esquimalt. Utilizing an off-site construction method and an innovative design strategy.





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